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Fight to Stay Creative



Fight To Stay Creative

It's Not Easy Being Green

Andre! You need to do a more neater job with cutting on the dotted line. 
But... Teacher, I DID CUT ON THE LINE! It didn't work! 

She shook her head in frustration thinking I was just deflecting, blame on an instrument and not wanting to do the work right. 


Yet the guy Drew next to me his was impeccably cut. His work looked so crisp. Everyone in class seemed as if they executed the assignment with perfection. 

When we would glue things, mine would have glue on the paper smeared. 

Why did I have to be left handed anyway? Maybe I wasn't cut out to be creative. That was for girls and weak guys! 

And the Criminal of the ____ award goes to....?

For years I would shy from believing I was creative. I thought I was just clown that could make up great lies. Is there a prize for the greatest ability to turn D's into B's and E's into B's on Report Cards? 

What about pretending you are your own guardian and disguising your voice when your school calls to inform your parents of your misbehavior?


Oh yeah! That's only for criminals.  


Well many years later I was enlightened to the reality that God made me extremely creative. I am made in the image of THE CREATOR and so are you. So there is no need to be GREEN with ENVY of Others! Walk in your own uniqueness. 

In This Episode we explore why we must fight to STAY CREATIVE! 

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