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True Influence



True Influence


Middle school is one of the most silliest concepts I have ever experienced. You take a group of young people that are beginning to go through puberty and put them in a place where they are herded by age. Then you don't have the grades they receive go on their transcripts and academic records so they are essentially in academic limbo? Not a good move.

What does the combination of all these factors make? Well I'd say chaos! At least that was my biased experience. You might think Middle School was wonderful but this is my blog (smile).


The hottest brands on the planet of apparel in our world were emblazoned their logos on starter sports jackets parka style. University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV), Los Angeles Raiders and Georgetown Hoya's were very popular because they must have had brilliant marketing teams. 

Why am I telling you this? Well...I didn't like red as a color. No particular reason I just thought it was too loud. My dad and I were avid Philadelphia Eagles fans. We were locked into their football games rain snow or shine, when a game was on we found a way to get it even if we walked into a Tavern (seemed things were much laxed as far as kids being able to watch games where alcohol was served). We were diehards as fans. So what did my dad decide to gift me with? An original Eagles parka jacket!

Holy Grail or Holy Fail?

When that thing arrived... Wow! Talk about role reversal. The insignificant invisible kid became super visible

Kids stopping me in the hall asking me about where I got it from (he ordered it from out of state and it took weeks to secure it (came from far) no internet. 

All of a sudden I had influence. Kids were walking with me in the hallway and surrounding me. The little crush I had that had previously ignored me was begging to wear the jacket. 

This my friends is a sample of what I call false influence. In school and translating to the adult world the currency is popularity.  Yet with all the clamoring and noise that happened in my life, what remained was shallow material obsession that would fade as soon as the newer shiny object would appear. 

Have you ever felt influential? When was a time you felt and realized your influence? 

Today's podcast covers "True Influence" and our responsibility to steward our influence. 

Go ahead! 

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