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Victim or Agent

podcast episode 20:

Victim or Agent

I got laid off. 

Walter spoke with such despondency as he announced to his group of peers how he was in disbelief over the situation. 

27 hard years of my life just gone down the drain


Every person in the room could feel the somber reality of how crushing and demoralizing it must have been for him as a man to now face this fact. 


I was younger at the time probably like 22 years old. Freshly apprehended into the LORD's love, I had witnessed not only Walter but many older gentlemen around me go through what seemed like the gymnastic exercise of layoffs, downsizings, cutbacks and firings. 

Maybe you could start your own business!

I said with a tinge of optimism. 

People looked at me as if I had desecrated a temple of the living God. 

" was just a thought I have heard you say how you have hated your job for as long as I have known you. With your experience and skill set maybe you could find an opportunity that could..." 

I was silenced and told by older gentleman in the room: "It's not that easy!" 

Could it be worth about the same amount of risk that he faced in going to a job he hated for over 20 years of his life? 

Was it worth the effort and difficulty to at least attempt to forge something for himself that could open a new chapter and give him greater control of his destiny? 


Here we have it. A clashing of paradigms, Many of us are quick to identify how we unhappy about things occurring in our lives. Yet I wonder how many times we have considered if the challenges and obstacles around us may be opportunities in disguise?

In this Episode: We ask the question: "Are you a Victim or an Agent?"

Take a listen and let us know where you are? 


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