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Hare Brained Schemes?

podcast episode 21:

Hare Brained Schemes?

They put ice in my track shoes! 

Anticipation and nervousness filled my heart as I ran to the lockeroom to change into my uniform and shoes for my first track meet. 

Low and behold the pranksters on my team had filled my shoes with ice. Our coach is already irritated with us and how we are procrastinating to get on the bus. We rush on the bus and there I was with a choice either forfeit the race or run with wet shoes! 

The gun goes off for the race and bang! I was off like lightning I took off full speed dusting the kid that had placed in state meets on a couple of occasions. 

I clearly was lapping so many of the runners I knew that this race was way easier than it was in practice. 

Then came lap 2. 

Out of nowhere came this wall that smacked me dead in my face. I felt its impact but had to break through it. Much to my chagrin as I was getting up from hitting this (invisible wall), all the other experienced runners dashed by me. 

Now I was neck and neck with the slowest gentleman. I had my teammates in the stands laughing and telling me to run so I wouldn't lose out and have some semblance of school pride. 

I squeaked desperately past the gentleman in last place and made it! 

Cold, wet feet, embarrassed and exhausted I went past the finish line to collapse into the stands for water. 

There you have it. Real runners had the knowhow of pacing themselves. Me on the other hand I took my speed as an advantage and had a rude awakening. 

Maybe you are like me back then, maybe not. 

In this Episode we talk about Hare Brained Schemes! 

Take a listen and tell us your thoughts. 


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