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Internet Courage

podcast episode 22:

Internet Courage

Well.. I had a few drinks okay? So... you can't take everything I say seriously. 

She nervously shuffled papers as she had tried to convince her subordinates that had seen her act a fool at the holiday party the prior evening. 


Though I am not a drinker, I often wonder when observing people come almost unhinged after a few strong drinks and then begin to spew some pretty outrageous thoughts "Why not just say what you feel from the start?" "Why is alcohol used as the cover for anything that is said from the heart without a filter? 

Oh I get it, maybe there is too much fear hindering being the real you. Maybe a person prefers to have a shield of fermented substance that has invaded their system (with their consent) that turned them from highly respectable to babbling idiot. 


The world I grew up in and the world I now live in are starkly different.  Today...Two thumbs that fire off quick, witty and unthoughtful retorts can end someone’s career in seconds. One can only wonder how many people have yet to connect how they act online to the "real world"?


How well have you integrated your life? 

IN THIS EPISODE: We discuss "Internet Courage" and emphasize some reminders of how we can embrace this digital landscape in the 21st century and beyond. 

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