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But I Hate School!

podcast episode 24:

But I Hate School!



It's like the whole history of this part of the city is laid out in this mural. 

I said exuberantly to this young artist. I was fascinated with the work of this young artist. She had successfully completed a project she was commissioned to paint by this educational institution. She had worked on similar projects overseas. 

To see someone applying their expertise to an area that created value for others was energizing. 

Yet as a child she was told to pursue something that would "pay the bills". 


Look, I'm not one that sings the utopian song of "follow your passions and the money will follow you." 

I'm more like: follow the problems and apply your gift to solving those problems. If you’re currently not seeing how your gift can be applied, then develop the skills to address a problem that generates value for others and compels you to action. 

In this EPISODE We explore what exactly is a Real World Education?

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