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All You Can Eat

podcast episode 25:

All You Can Eat


"That's absolutely disgusting! I can't believe you keep stuffing yourself like that! It's so embarrassing to even come here with you. You keep going!"

My older sister would stare with disbelief as time after I time I would continue to order another plate of shrimp.

You see my friends; I had the core belief that I was designed for the Sizzler "All You Can Eat Shrimp Plate". 

Mother's Day after Mother's Day, 

Father's Day after Father's Day 

I wasn't stopping for no one. 


Even into early adulthood I would indulge in this treat of gorging and gluttony. Finally I grew out of Sizzler's because the stomach aches became too much for me. And I started to get self conscious of the people thinking I was a HOG. (*Hey I just took the advertisement at its word... Smile)

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

As I aged, I expressed the gluttony habit by going to The Old Country Buffet restaurant with one of my peers for years through college and after. That was until our metabolisms changed...


What if you had all you could eat surplus of food available for you’re to have at any time? What if you could distribute this food to others as frequent as you wanted? What if you could sell this food to the willing buyers that were clamoring for this quality food that was in your possession? 

In this EPISODE we discuss where you can get an UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF QUALITY FOOD FROM. 

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