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Speak the Word Only

podcast episode 29:

Speak the Word Only


So I go to open the door and BAM!!! My phone hits the ground smashing the screen! This was one of those times where you didn't even have to flip it over to know that it was going to be in pieces. 

It's at that time that 1billion words flash through my mind and none of them are good! Rather they are thoughts and words like:


"You idiot!" "Why didn't you catch it?" What were you thinking having it out and vulnerable like that? You can't afford to make dumb mistakes like this!" 

Everyday we are faced with the challenge of evaluating our self talk and seeing how it aligns or does not align with Heaven. We according to Proverbs 18:18 make the choice of life or death with the words that we speak daily. 

In this EPISODE we explore why we must "SPEAK THE WORD ONLY". 

You will see:

·  An explosion in profits, in advancement, in energy renewed

·  Peace restored

·  Destiny and potential unleashed in your life. 

Take a listen and give us your feedback. I think you won't regret it. 


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