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Your Greatest Investment

podcast episode 30:

Your Greatest Investment

7th Grade Tycoon? 

Don't sell your baseball cards! 

If there is one thing I can tell you to hold onto, it's your baseball and basketball cards! 

My 7th grade teacher was adamant in relaying this truth to us young guys as we gathered in our own huddles looking at our newly acquired baseball and basketball cards. 

What do you mean? 

We asked. 

"I was able to buy my first house with just selling my cards off do collectors. They were that valuable."

Our eyes widened with thinking we could be holding onto our own personal lottery tickets. 


I would love to say as a result of that heartfelt emphatic advice, I took my savings and plowed it into early shares of Microsoft stock and cashed out right as I graduated from high school. 

On the contrary, it took some time for me to grasp what exactly was the value of investing. 


Neo walked into the building with trepidation in anticipation of meeting this enigmatic figure that was spoken of to him with not much detail. "The oracle" as they were called was to possess some very important information that this young man needed to proceed on his mission. 

If you haven't seen the classic first Matrix (and only Matrix in my opinion, let’s pretend the others never happened) you have missed out a jewel of a story. But that's for another time.  


In High School I had a strange amount of interests.  On the outside to everyone else it was rap music, Tupac, Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde. On the inside I had hidden interests that people didn't understand. John P Kee, Tony Bennett, Wynton Marsalis and Miles Davis. I also loved falling asleep listening to Larry King on talk radio since my earliest years. 


In this closet cultured interest, I also was drawn to the Oracle of Omaha. Mr. Warren Buffet seemed to catch my attention by his non showman demeanor when interviewed and in public eye. Here was a man that seemed to have amassed a great fortune yet he drove a truck, had a house (and plenty of other toys) but he was not interested in displaying toys to people. Rather he tried to give hints of his knowledge in his annual meetings for shareholders. 

Now I am not a fan of all Mr. Buffet's beliefs yet I do know he has results when it comes to investing. When asked what’s the greatest investment one could make was...

In This Episode we take a look at the Greatest Investment you should make.

Take a listen. Don't be scared. Let us know are you ready to invest? 


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