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A Smart Bet: I.I.Y Pt2

podcast episode 31:

A Smart Bet

Last call for passengers Micheal Hickson and Grant Garrison!

"Micheal Hickson!"

"Grant Garrison!"

Last call. 

The two young gentlemen emerged onto the plane completely disheveled. I saw them entering the plane as they were waiting on the results of the slot machines they were playing. 

You see this was Las Vegas Nevada and the airport had opportunities for people to "get lucky" prior to boarding their flight. 

I hate losing money.

Never have I been enamored with the fantasy that I could put money in a machine and out would come a fortune and the end of all my troubles. 

The first time I ate spinach my aunt almost killed me: that's another story though. 

But betting on a number seemed foolish to me. I would go to the store and get a ticket for one of my uncles. He would have the scratch tickets and numbers played and would always lose more than he gained. 

Can a job provide the security that you need to finally hit that jackpot? 

In today’s strangled economy, can one find the protection and stability of a company? I believe that answer is an overwhelming NO!

In THIS EPISODE: Part 2 of the Greatest Investment, We cover how we can bring in security that is more trustworthy this year and beyond. 

Go ahead take a listen. 


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