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Who is the Church?

podcast episode 26:

Who is the Church?



Why did you pinch me? 

I asked my mother this questions with as much respect as a 7 year old kid stuck in a hot church could have. Baffled by why this always happened to me when the preacher man got up to say his words out of his giant book. 


Typically I could hang through the songs. There were drums and clapping of hands (at some of the congregations we attended). So at least the movement kept me on my feet even if my mother did make me stand. * (Thanks mom I love you).

"You keep falling asleep (she replied with a forceful whisper). Now get up and go get some water splash it on your face so that you stay awake."

I tried the method she suggested and it was of no effect. It's almost as if the heat and fatigue of the speaker pushed me into deeper slumber. I would only wake up once the speaker was at the closing word because they seemed to get a little more animated and people would then seem to agree with the speaker. 


You see I was probably like most kids my age. Put in a position to sit through a church service with things I didn't understand and music that was different than what was on the radio and shiny television. 

I had no idea what the church was for and why we were to come to this building weekly to engage in rituals, traditions and ceremonies. I thought surely God has to think this is boring just like I did. Maybe I could talk to him in my dreams and still get credit for being present? 

A firm revelation of the identity of the church was what I was lacking. 
My life was forever enhanced and I began to accelerate into my destiny once I received a revelation of the identity of the church. 

In This Episode we discuss exactly "Who Is the Church?"

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